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Point of Sale System Information

A point of sale system can help you manage your business efficiently. Keep track of every aspect of your business. POS systems help manage your inventory, payroll, business reports and customer management.

POS Systems allow you to assign tables easily.

Table assignments are made easy. Manage your servers to which table sections they are to serve. Your point of sale solution keeps track of every aspect of your restaurant.

Keep track of guests with your POS terminal.

Keep track of how many guest you have and at what table. Your POS system keeps track of what's going on in your restaurant at all times.

Guest specific orders with your POS.

You can place orders and attach them to individual guest at the specified table. Easily keep track of all your customer's orders and add information to the customer's log.

Manage employee time clocks in your
point of sale system.

Manage employee timsheets through the POS system. Payroll is easily handled with our point of sale systems.

POS systems can keep track of inventory.

Your point of sale system will help you keep track of your inventory. See what items you have available and in which quantities.

POS systems keep track of inventory

Keep track of your fresh items as a part of inventory control with your point of sale system.

     Unlike others software's, PC America dos not charge for the Scan Data Reporting Program!



        Tobacco Scan Data Program For Altria and RJ Reynolds



 Enrollment in these programs also entitle you to take advantage of other programs such as multi-pack discounts and loyalty incentives.

Stop Leaving  Money on the Table!

This weekly report allows the merchant to receive credits for tobacco purchases.

After the automation is set up initially, you can electronically submit your scan data to the appropriate tobacco vendor in their preferred format with the click of a button.  Then, the tobacco vendor will send a rebate check directly to you based on your tobacco sales.  Easy (and recurring) money for your business! 

This future comes free with PC America software.  Call us for the  detail information .  Tel:  419-466-3732