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Technical Support

What is the most important when it comes to POS systems?

Many people have trouble when it comes to choosing the right point of sale system. However, the truth about all POS systems is that they are all the same! The one place where POS systems for retail and restaurant businesses differ is in their respective technical support.

If you have a problem with your POS system, you don't have to wait for hours or days for a technician to come in. We can log into your POS system remotely and support your problem immediately. We can manage and support your point of sale system remotely in a matter of minutes!

The BEST Technical Support for POS, anywhere!

When my POS is down, I need help NOW! I can’t wait for my “local” rep to come and help me.

"Most POS sales people told me that they are local as a selling point but when I call with issues they cannot help me right away and sometimes I’d wait days before getting support.”

Our POS tech support is just a phone call away. Within minutes we can log into your POS system and remotely offer technical support instantly. And best of all , we cost less than the other guys!

     Unlike others software's, PC America dos not charge for the Scan Data Reporting Program!



        Tobacco Scan Data Program For Altria and RJ Reynolds



 Enrollment in these programs also entitle you to take advantage of other programs such as multi-pack discounts and loyalty incentives.

Stop Leaving  Money on the Table!

This weekly report allows the merchant to receive credits for tobacco purchases.

After the automation is set up initially, you can electronically submit your scan data to the appropriate tobacco vendor in their preferred format with the click of a button.  Then, the tobacco vendor will send a rebate check directly to you based on your tobacco sales.  Easy (and recurring) money for your business! 

This future comes free with PC America software.  Call us for the  detail information .  Tel:  419-466-3732